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Myzone now Arrived!

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We are proud to announce the arrival of Myzone to the Glenview. This system and method of training gives feedback and results you can measure from Day 1. Especially useful if you are a beginner or need some extra help!

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Gym,Pool and Leisure

We are Glenview Health and Leisure Club ideally Located between Bray and Greystones on the N11 and convenient to access from Wicklow Town to South Dublin. Joining a gym and pool is a investment in your health, so we make our gym accessible to all with beginners programs and motivation to keep on exercising.

Our swimming pool is a nice relaxed area for all, we welcome swimmers of all ages. The pool comes equipped with the latest of technology to help you relax, facilities include: 18 meter Swimming Pool, Gyser Pads, Air Loungers, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Steam-room, Outdoor Hot-tub and childrens pool. We also have regular adult only times and childrens fun hours for members who want to relax or for our members who want fun! Aqua Aerobics classes are a great way to burn some calories with low impact on the joints, and Aqua Aerobics is fun.

The gym area is well equipped with cardio equipment and weights. If this confuses you, one of our key strengths is helping members who have no experience in the gym or have not used a gym in a while. We train our staff to quickly achieve goals like weight loss, toning, improve strength, increase fitness and improve flexibility. Also our staff are trained to recognise our members have different comfortable levels of exertion and prior fitness levels. We aim to create programs that are effective and provide a challenge, but yet don’t make the member uncomfortable with exercise. As a general guide, a typical workout routine for the week might include 2 or 3 workouts in the gym or/and a fitness class. This should be enough for most people to achieve their goals.

Also we are equipped with the latest in fitness technology, we introduced “Myzone” to our gym last year. Myzone is a new fitness and tracking system that can provide accurate feedback on calories burned, effort put in and progress towards goals. Our customers love it, and it really helps to motivate if you are working towards weight loss or a fitness goal. The system will also track your progress outside of the gym, simply wear the belt whilst you are exercising outside and the system will upload the information the next time you visit the gym.

Our Membership options include access to fitness classes such as Spinning, Kettlebells, Toning Classes, Seniors Classes, Aqua Aerobics, FitBall. Exercise classes are an excellent way to get additional motivation and work a little harder than on your own efforts. We recommend you add at least one class per week into your workout routine.

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