Swimming Facilities

Our Swimming pool is a favorite for Wicklow families and leisure seekers alike!

Take a while to relax and splash about in the pool with opening hours to suit you! Whether you are a beginner to swimming or have been swimming all your life, you can really enjoy yourself for a hour or two in our heated pool. For beginners, we have wide areas to practice in or if you feel up to it, swim in the lane!

Kids just love our resident Dolphins who hang out in the Baby Pool, squirting water at kids! If your child needs extra help with learning how to swim, our Kids Swim Academy will take them from 3 years and over!

Or for more energetic kids, check out our fun hours on a Friday and Sunday (see pool timetable for more details!)


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Pool Timetable
Glenview Health and Leisure club swimming pool timetable 2014

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